Surface treatment

SUSPENDED BLASTING MACHINE type: TZNZ 4, modification: TZNZ 4-11/20-23

blasting with steel and stainless steel granulate
workpiece diameter 2,000 mm
workpiece height 2,300 mm
suspension load capacity 1,000 kg

Powder coating shop

max. width 1,000 mm
max. height 1,500 mm
max. length 3,500 mm
weight 110 kg/m of the part length


Powder coating:

We provide powder coating from small to large parts, sizes: max. part length 6800 mm x width 2000 mm x height 2500 mm, max. weight 1500 kg.

Powdered products are spray-degreased and phosphated in 3 to 6 technological steps according to the different product use (interior, exterior, wet environment) and according to different materials.

Zinc phosphate or iron phosphate can be used.

Wet painting

Piece sizes up to 4,000 mm x 3,000 mm x 10,000 mm, maximum weight 7,500 kg.

Zinc plating:

We zinc-plate base material, steel and cast iron. The electroplated zinc coating in weak acid zinc baths can be:

Coating thickness up to 25 µm zinc. The maximum dimensions of plated parts are 2,000 × 1,000 × 250 mm, the maximum length of bar materials is 2,200 mm, weight up to 100 kg.

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